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Sicily, Akragas, c. 411 BC. Tetradrachm. Galloping quadriga, Nike above crowning charioteer, crab below. Rv: Eagles pouncing on hare. NC 1948, Seltman, Engravers of Akragantine Dekadrachms, nr. 6. Extremely rare. Good VF $22,750.00

Ex Dr Tronnier collection, 256
An exceptional and important issue. struck by the renowned Dekadrachm engraver, that issue noted as one of the 100 Greatest Ancient Coins. Minted for the war against Carthage, perhaps also celebrating their 412 BC Olympic victory.

Sicily, SyracuseDionysius, c. 405 BC. HemiDrachm. Head of Arethusa l., dolphin.  Rv: Victory over Quadriga, wheat branch below. ANS 305. Rare. VF+ $975.00

Bruttium, Kaulonia, c. 525 BC. Stater, 1.06 g. Apollo standing right, stag before, running Daimon on arm. Rv: Incuse image of obverse design. SNG ANS 155. Very rare. EF $7500.00

Bruttium, Kroton, c. 425-400 BC. Triobol, 1.09 g. Tripod, ivy leaf. Rv: Octopus. BMC-. Rare. aEF SOLD

Attica, Athens, c. 550 BC. Drachm. Wappenmunzen. Civic mint. Ornate Wheel. Rv: Incuse punch. Sv. 59. Extremely rare. Lovely example. aEF $18,750.00

A nice example from the earliest coinage of Athens, in an extremely rare high denomination

Attica, Athens, c. 550 BC. Hemi-obol. Civic mint. Pomegranate. Rv: Incuse punch. Seltman Group D pl.4. Extremely rare. Choice. VF+ $1350.00

From the earliest coinage of Athens


Attica, Athens, c. 506 BC. Group L. Tetradrachm. Archaic helmeted Athena l. Rv: Owl r., olive sprig. Seltman 228/291 Extremely rare. Lovely EF $13,750.00

Minted around the reforms of Cleisthenes and the establishment of Democracy in 506 BC.

Attica, Athens, c. 425 BC. Tetradrachm. Helmeted Athena l. Rv: Owl r., olive sprig. s.2526 Lovely EF $2250.00

Euboia, Euboian League, 375-357 BC. Stater. Head of nymph Euboia r. Rv: Recumbent Bull r., bunch of grapes above. BCD 5. Rare. Lovely, elegant example. EF $9750.00

Ex Bunker Hunt collection, 261

Elis, Olympia, 415-385 BC. Stater, Temple of Hera mint. c. 400 BC, 95th Olympiad. Head of Hera r., wearing stephane. Rv: Thunderbolt in wreath. Seltman 275. Very rare. Good VF $6750.00

Elis, Olympia, 256-240 BC. Hemi-Drachm. 131-135th Olympiad. Laur. Zeus r. Rv: Thunderbolt in wreath. Good VF $875.00

Ex Alexander Karatheodory Pasha collection, a Greek statesman of the Ottoman Empire


Cyclades, Paros, c. 485-480 BC. Drachm. Goat kneeling r. Rv: Quadripartite incuse. Sheedy F,154. Very rare. EF $4750.00

Crete, Knossos, c. 450-370 BC. Stater, 11.15 g. Head of Demeter left. Rv: Swastika style Labyrinth, punches in angles. Sv. 70, 39. Very rare.Good VF $2750.00

Ex Gorny 233, lot 1542 Overstruck, with undertype of facing head clearly showing.

Crete, Gortyna, c. 330-270 BC. Stater. Europa in tree, ravished by Eagle. Rv: Bull r, looking back. Sv. 72. Rare. Good VF $2950.00
Ex Hirsch 135, lot 380



Lydia, Croesus, 561-546 BC. Sardis mint. C. 550 BC. Third Stater, 3.44 g. Foreparts Lion and Bull confronting. Rv: Double incuse. Rosen 666. Rare. EF $2250.00

Ex Elvira Clain-Stefanelli collection. First silver coinage.


Macedon, Philip II, 359-336 BC. Tetradrachm. Pella mint, 343-336 BC. Head of Zeus r. Rv: Youth on horseback r. LeRider 256. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage. Slight edge ding. aEF $1750.00


Macedon, Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 BC. Tetradrachm. Tarsus mint, 325-324 BC. Head of Hercules r., Rv: Zeus enthroned, plow mint mark before. Pr.3037. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage. Superb $2250.00
Ex Munzen und Medaillen 1975, Auction 370, Lot 15

Macedon, Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 BC. Tetradrachm. Susa mint, 323 BC. Head of Hercules r., monograms mint marks. Rv: Zeus enthroned. Pr.3832. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage.Extremely rare. EF $2950.00

Only six examples known to Price. Ex Spink and Son 1972







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