Lydia, Croesus, c. 550 BC. Gold Stater, First Issue. Heavy standard. 10.71 g. Sardis mint. Foreparts of Lion and Bull confronting. Rv: Double punch incuse. S.3415. Good VF $27,750.00

The first gold coin. Obverse type is the city emblem of Sardis, rendered in bold and vigorous early style.


Black Sea, Georgia, Kolchis. 1st Century BC. Gold Stater. Linear stylized head r., pellets. Rv: Linear stylized facing chariot, pellets. De la Tour 9377. Extremely rare. EF $6750.00
Jason and the Argonauts journeyed to ancient Kolchis to retrieve the Gold Fleece with the help of Medea.


Sicily, Akragas, c. 450 BC. Litra. Eagle. Rv: Crab. SNG ANS 986. EF $875.00

Boeotia, Thebes, 426-395 BC. Stater. Boeotian shield. Rv: Amphora, bunch of grapes. BMC 76; s.2384. Good VF $375.00

Argolis, Argos. C. 330-270 BC. Obol. Wolf’s head r. Rv: ‘A’, P-I. BCD-Pelop1081. Rare. aEF $375.00

Attica, Athens, c. 550 BC. Hemi-obol. Civic mint. Pomegranate. Rv: Incuse punch. Seltman Group D pl.4. Extremely rare. Choice. VF+ $1350.00

A nice example from the earliest coinage of Athens


Attica, Athens, c. 425 BC. Tetradrachm. Helmeted Athena l. Rv: Owl r., olive sprig. s.2526 Lovely example. example. EF $2250.00

Phokis, 485-480 BC. Obol. Federal coinage.Facing Bull head. Rv: Boar protome r. BCD Lokris 194. Lovely. EF $975.00

Siris, c. 520-500 BC. Stater. Satyr, standing nude and erect, holding the hand of an inviting Nymph facing slightly away, her chiton slipped around her waist over her bare bottom. Rv: Large square shallow incuse with linear cross. Svoronos, Plate VII, #22 (same dies). Very rare. Superb archaic style, of great charm and lascivious amusement.. EF $18,750.00

Thraco-Macedonian, c. 450 BC. Tetartemorion, .3 g. Ape crouching l. Rv: Shield. Leu 45,100. Very rare. EF $1250.00

Pisidia, Selge. c. 400 BC. Stater. Wrestlers, knuckle-bone. Rv: Slinger. Triskeles. SNG Cop 234. Rare. EF SOLD

Caria, Knidos, Drachm. 465-449 BC. Forepart of Lion r. Rv: Head of Aphrodite r. Cahn IV, pl. 5, 74. Rare. aEF $2250.00

Ionia, c. 450 BC. Obol. Forepart Griffin seated l. Rv: Incuse punch. BMC. Extremely rare. Dark tone. aEF SOLD


Ionia, Teos. c. 530 BC. HemiDrachm. Griffin standing r. Rv: Incuse punch. S.3510 var. Dark tone. Rare. Good VF SOLD


Macedon, Philip II, 359-336 BC. Tetradrachm. Amphipolis mint, 355-348 BC. Head of Zeus r. Rv: Rider wearing kausia l. LeRider 96. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage. VF+ $1650.00

Macedon, Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 BC. Tetradrachm. Amphipolis mint. Head of Hercules r. Rv: Zeus enthroned, prow mint mark. Pr.4, s.6730. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage. EF SOLD

Macedon, Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 BC. Tetradrachm. Babylon mint, 325-323 BC. Head of Hercules r. Rv: Zeus enthroned. Pr.3650. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage. EF $1350.00

Seleukos I, Nikator, 312-280 BC. Tetradrachm. Ectbatana mint, 311-285 BC. Head of Hercules r., monograms mint mark. Rv: Zeus enthroned. S.6829. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage. EF SOLD




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