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Sicily, Syracuse, Dionysius, c. 466- 405 BC. Tetradrachm. c. 450 BC. Head of Arethusa l., dolphins.  Rv: Victory over Quadriga. Boehringer XV, 516. VF $875.00

Sicily, SyracuseDionysius, c. 405 BC. HemiDrachm. Head of Arethusa l., dolphin.  Rv: Victory over Quadriga, wheat branch below. ANS 305. Rare. VF+ $975.00


Thessaly Larissa, 474-460 BC. Obol. Head of nymph Larissa l. Rv: Sandal of Jason the Argonaut. BCD Thessaly 348-1 (this coin). Very rare. Dark tone, Good VF $975.00
Ex Demetriadi collection.

Arkadia, Arkadian League, 460-450 BC. Hemi-Drachm. Mantinea mint. Zeus Lykaios seated left. Rv: Head of Kallisto left. HGCS 915. Very rare. Good VF $1875.00

Williams, ANS 1965, #237D O154/R148 (this coin); Ex Herbert Cahn collection

Boeotia, Thebes, 426-395 BC. Stater. Boeotian shield. Rv: Amphora, bunch of grapes. BMC 76; s.2384. Good VF $375.00

Attica, Athens, c. 550 BC. Hemi-obol. Civic mint. Pomegranate. Rv: Incuse punch. Seltman Group D pl.4. Extremely rare. Choice. VF+ $1350.00

From the earliest coinage of Athens


Attica, Athens, c. 500-490 BC. Tetradrachm, Series M. Archaic helmeted Athena l. Rv: Owl r., olive sprig. S.1842 Lovely EF $8750.00

Time of the Battle of Marathon, and the race its events inspired.


Attica, Athens, c. 425 BC. Tetradrachm. Helmeted Athena l. Rv: Owl r., olive sprig. s.2526 Lovely EF $2250.00

Attica, Athens, 86-84 BC. L. Licinius Lucullus minting for Sulla. New Style Tetradrachm. Helmeted Athena r. Rv: Owl on amphora. Thompson 1279. Very rare. VF+ $1875.00
Minted for Sulla’s campaign in Greece.

Elis, Olympia, 256-240 BC. Hemi-Drachm. 131-135th Olympiad. Laur. Zeus r. Rv: Thunderbolt in wreath. Good VF $875.00
Ex Alexander Karatheodory Pasha collection, a Greek statesman of the Ottoman Empire


Elis, Olympia, 244-208 BC. Drachm. Eagle pouncing on hare. Rv: Thunderbolt. Good VF $1350.00

Ex Alexander Karatheodory Pasha collection, a Greek statesman of the Ottoman Empire


Samos, c. 200 BC. Tetrobol. Lion scalp facing. Rv: Forepart Bull left. Barron 225, BMC 180. Rare. EF SOLD

Carian Islands, Rhodes, 280-250 BC. DiDrachm. Helios. Rv: Rose, with bud. Anchor. S.5049. aEF $975.00

Pisidia, Selge, c. 325-250 BC. Stater. Two wrestlers. Rv: Slinger r., triskeles, cornucopia. SNG France 1939. Good VF $750.00


Lydia, Croesus, 561-546 BC. Sardis mint. C. 550 BC. Third Stater, 3.45 g. Foreparts Lion and Bull confronting. Rv: Double incuse. B 24. Rare. EF $1275.00
First silver coinage.


Macedon, Philip II, 359-336 BC. Tetradrachm. Pella mint, 343-336 BC. Head of Zeus r. Rv: Youth on horseback r. LeRider 256. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage. Slight edge ding. aEF $1750.00

Macedon, Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 BC. Tetradrachm. Babylon mint, 325-323 BC. Head of Hercules r. Rv: Zeus enthroned. Pr.3650. Lovely example of a rare lifetime coinage. EF $1350.00





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